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100 Jahre Theodor Zeise Hamburg-Altona Spezialfabrik fur Schiffsschrauben.

By: Anon.

Price: £35.00

Publisher: 1968,

Seller ID: 7121

unpaginated, 120pp, 32 tipped-in facsimiles, 13 colour illus, 107 illus, square format, a handsome production, decorated blue cloth. AJS: Specialist manufacturers of propellers. View more info

Two Centuries of Ship Building by the Scotts at Greenock [Second and Revised Edition].

By: Anon.

Price: £120.00

Publisher: 1920,

Seller ID: 7136

xviii + 192pp, photogravure frontis, colour illus, 3 photogravure plates (one double-page), 86 plates (with 117 photos and line illus), marbled endpapers, large format (28.5cm x 20.5cm), attractive half calf, green cloth with title on spine and front board, a handsome production. AJS: Founded in 1711 and one of the great shipbuilders through the 18th and 19th century. Built the first Dreadnought and the first submarine constructed on the Clyde. For the Merchant Service they built the first ocean liner to be propelled by geared turbines View more info

Build the Ships.

By: Anon.

Price: £5.00

Publisher: 1946,

Seller ID: 7961

63pp, 51 illus, pictorial stiff paper wrappers. SBS: The official story of the shipyards in WW2. View more info

The Shipbuilders Repository; or, a Treatise on Marine Architecture. Wherein are Contained the Principles of the Art, With the Theory and Practical Parts Fully Explained; And Every Instruction Required in the Building and Completing a Ship, of Every Class, from the Forming of the Draught, to the Launching into the Water. Calculated to the Capacity of Young Beginners: Compiled and Digested in a Manner Entirely New, and Laid Down Different from What has Hitherto Appeared on the Subject. The Whole Being Intended as a Complete Companion to Those Naval Architects, Desirous of Attaining a Competent Knowledge of That Important Art.

By: Anon. Leather

Price: £250.00

Publisher: 1788 rp 1992, in a limited edition of 50 copies, R

Seller ID: 9620

(vi), iv + viii + 472 + iiipp, 15 large folding plans, teg, large formatû(25cm x 21cm), coloured endpapers, attractive production, half calf withûmarbled paper over boards, a very good copy. Catalogue of Books on Naval Architecture, European Magazine, 1792: Thisûbook contains dimensions of the ships of the Royal Navy, very exact, withûsome judicious remarks on their property and an exact draught of an eightyûgun ship. The author intended adding a draught of each class. He wasûbrought up in a Royal Yard, was very industrious; but was discharged forûcopying draughts, and having papers in ... View more info

Boat Building Simplified Being a Practical Guide to the "ASHCROFT" Method of Building Rowing, Sailing and Motor Boats.

By: Ashcroft (H.J.) & Austin (E.) Editor.

Price: £10.00

Publisher: 1947, 6th ed,

Seller ID: 6627

(vi), 61pp, frontis, 25 illus, 14 line illus, original pictorial paperûwrappers. Preface: This book was written to encourage and facilitate amateurûboat-building - to which end the author devoted a great part of his life. View more info

Building Britain's Wooden Walls The Barnard Dynasty C. 1697-1851.

By: Barnard (J.E.)

Price: £20.00

Publisher: 1997,

Seller ID: 1803

(vi), 110pp, 66 ilus, 9 facsimiles, 6 plans, endpaper illus, large formatû(30cm x 21cm), dw. AJS: The author traces the history of four generations of the Barnardûfamily of shipbuilders from modest beginnings in Ipswich in the 1740s toûtheir demise on the River Thames in the 1830s.ûNB: Published by the author and an attractive production. View more info

Danske Orlogsskibe 1690-1860 Konstruktion og Dekoration.

By: Bjerg (H.C.) & Eriksen (J.)

Price: £295.00

Publisher: 1980, Copenhagen,

Seller ID: 3084

two volume set, large handsome format (43cm x 30cm), attractive decoratedûblue cloth, in original slipcase, title on front board (a large heavy set).û(1) Text, 205pp, 204 figs (71 in colour), endpaper illus. NB: With a 10ppûEnglish Language summary at the end of this volume.û(2) Plans, 91 plans (including 2 large foldouts), most plates highlightedûin colour, endpaper illus. AJS: A fine handsomely produced work.ûThis book describes the ships belonging to the navy of the DualûMonarchy of Denmark-Norway (until 1814) and Denmark from 1690-1860, theûperiod when sailing ships were at their z... View more info

Carving Figureheads & Other Nautical Designs.

By: Bridgewater (A.) & (G.)

Price: £15.95

Publisher: 1995, USA,

Seller ID: 401

176pp, 23 colour illus, 373 illus (mainly explanatory line illus), largeûformat, stiff paper covers. AJS: A modern guide to nautical woodcarving. View more info

B.I. Cables for Ship Wiring.

By: British Insulated Cables Ltd.

Price: £12.00

Publisher: ND 1930,

Seller ID: 7264

20pp, 7 illus, black silhouette of ship on green paper covers. SBS: Fitted out HMS Nelson and MV Britannic with cable, both shipsûillustrated in brochure. View more info

Observations on Chain Cables, by Brunton, Middleton, and Co., of the Commercial Road, London.

By: Brunton, Middleton & Co.,

Price: £45.00

Publisher: 1815,

Seller ID: 8933

23pp, engraved frontis, with notes in a contemporary hand on rear of lastûpage, disbound pamphlet, as issued without wrappers. AJS: Published as an extract from the Philosophical Magazine for Octoberû1814. View more info

Stephen of Linthouse A Record of Two Hundred Years of Shipbuilding 1750-1950.

By: Carvel (J.L.)

Price: £35.00

Publisher: 1950,

Seller ID: 5873

211pp, frontis, 18 colour, 36 illus, original black cloth. SBS: 200 years of the famous Scottish family of shipbuilders. This copy with a compliment slip from the Chairman & Board of Directors. View more info

Architectura Navalis Mercatoria.

By: Chapman (F.H. af)

Price: £95.00

Publisher: 1768 rp 1971,

Seller ID: 8673

102pp text, folding frontis, 62 fold-out plates printed on both sidesû(on tinted paper), the plates unfold to a size of 34.5cm x 45cm, text figs,ûlarge format (34.5cm x 25cm), handsome decorated brown cloth, in originalûdw. Bruzelius, page 57: This is a magnificent collection of plans of merchantûships, privateers, and pleasure craft comprising: First Class: tenûdraughts of frigate built ships of 1140 to 65 tons with ship, snow,ûschooner or sloop rigging; Second Class: Four draughts of hagboats of 1164ûto 548 tons with ship rigging; Third Class: Six draughts of pink builtûships of 416 ... View more info

Steam Navigation and Its Relation to the Commerce of Canada and the United States.

By: Croil (J.)

Price: £95.00

Publisher: 1898, Toronto,

Seller ID: 3954

xiv + 381pp, frontis, 97 illus, front hinge slightly weak, original decorated brown cloth. AJS: With good coverage of Cunard and other North Atlantic steam companies. View more info


By: Curryer (B.N.)

Price: £12.00

Publisher: 1999,

Seller ID: 2385

160pp, 80 photos, 170 line illus (many multi-view), stiff paper covers. AJS: An attractive modern study of the subject. View more info

The Shipwrights. The History of the Shipconstructors' and Shipwrights' Association 1882-1963.

By: Dougan (D.)

Price: £25.00

Publisher: 1975,

Seller ID: 398

ix + 340pp, 10 illus, red cloth, dw. AJS: One of the oldest crafts in the world, this book is a detailed study of the men and their craft in the UK, political, military etc., from 1870s to 1960s. View more info

Vickers Against the Odds 1956-77.

By: Evans (H.)

Price: £13.00

Publisher: 1978,

Seller ID: 399

AJS: The post-war history of the once great armaments and shipbuilding firm, published with the full authority of the company. View more info

Palazzi di Roma.

By: Ferrerio (P.) & Falda (G.B.)

Price: £165.00

Publisher: 1590 rp 1967,

Seller ID: 7932

Two volumes bound as one, large landscape format (34cm x 48cm), dark green cloth. (1) engraved title, 44 plates. (2) engraved title, 61 plates. SBS: Plans and drawings to scale of 16th and 17th century buildings in Rome. View more info

A History of Naval Architecture [to Which is Prefixed an Introductory Dissertation on the Aplication of Mathematical Science to the Art of Naval Construction].

By: Fincham (J.) HB

Price: £45.00

Publisher: 1851 rp 1979,

Seller ID: 400

xii + lxxxiv + 416pp, 58 plates, attractive blue cloth, dw. AJS: With an introduction by John Leather. This substantial volume, firstûpublished in 1851 and now reprinted, traces the history of ship-buildingûfrom classical times to the beginning of steam navigation in the RoyalûNavy. The author describes the progress of many sea battles and explainsûtheir outcome in relation to the construction and economics of the shipsûinvolved. The well-illustrated text also covers the material and buildingûof ships, their lines and sailing qualities; valuable appendices recordûthe vessels of the Engl... View more info

A History of Naval Architecture [to Which is Prefixed an Introductory Dissertation on the Aplication of Mathematical Science to the Art of Naval Construction].

By: Fincham (J.) PB

Price: £30.00

Publisher: 1851 rp 1979, paperback,

Seller ID: 8073

xii + lxxxiv + 416pp, 58 plates, this copy supplied as a sewn book block,ûuntrimmed, in paper wrappers, suitable for binding in cloth or leather toûsuit the buyer. AJS: With an introduction by John Leather. This substantial volume, firstûpublished in 1851, traces the history of ship-building from classicalûtimes to the beginning of steam navigation in the Royal Navy. Theûauthor describes the progress of many sea battles and explains theirûoutcome in relation to the construction and economics of the shipsûinvolved. The well-illustrated text also covers the material and buildingûof ships... View more info

Our Ironclads and Merchant Ships.

By: Fishbourne (Rear Ad E.G.)

Price: £225.00

Publisher: 1874,

Seller ID: 1689

108pp, folding plate, with 10 folding plates (illustrating 32 figs) at end,ûtables in text, original and attractive embossed blue cloth. AJS: Further lectures and discussions as a result of the loss of HMSûCaptain (1870)...were modern warships safe ?ûThis is the first edition.ûBruzelius: Lists an enlarged edition published in 1874 with 16 plates. View more info