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China Station 1859-1864 The Reminiscences of Walter White.

By: NMM Monograph No 3. May (Cdr W.E.)

Price: £15.00

Publisher: 1972,

Seller ID: 7969

iii + 56pp, frontis, chart, 4 illus, folding plate, large format (30cm xû21cm), pictorial paper wrappers. AJS: Recollections of a sailor's life in India, China, Japan, SouthûAmerica, Borneo, Sumatra, etc. View more info

Life on the Ocean: Being Sketches of Personal Experience in the United States Naval Service, the American and British Merhant Marine, and the Whaling Service.

By: Nordhoff (C.) RP

Price: £25.00

Publisher: 1874 rp 1974,

Seller ID: 1807

(viii), 288pp, 28 illus, decorated blue cloth. Alibion, page 54: Valuable because of one man's opportunity to compare atûfirst hand the way of life in those different services.ûPublisher: He served in the US Navy, the British Merchant Marine, and inûthe whaling fleet. He relates his experiences in lively narrative, wellûworth reading for those who want a true picture of life in any of theseûspheres. View more info

The Cornish Captain's Tale.

By: O'Toole (L.)

Price: £5.00

Publisher: 1986, Redruth,

Seller ID: 8847

181pp, frontis, 13 illus, map, pictorial stiff paper wrappers. AJS: The life of Rear Admiral Sir Richard Spry. View more info

Broke and the Shannon.

By: Padfield (P.)

Price: £10.00

Publisher: 1968,

Seller ID: 531

x + 246pp, 12 illus, dw, AJS: An account of the famous duel between Broke of the Shannon andûLawrence of the Chesapeake. Admiral Broke was a Suffolk man and 2012 seesûthe bicentenary of the action.ûRodger: Sir Philip Broke, the gunnery exprt and victor of theûShannon-Chesapeake action. View more info

Elijah Cobb, Cape Cod Skipper 1768-1848.

By: Paine (R. ed) RP

Price: £12.00

Publisher: 1925 rp 1970,

Seller ID: 863

112pp, frontis, decorated cloth. AJS: Journal kept during the era of the French Revolution.ûPublisher: This is the journal of a Cape Cod skipper who flourished duringûthe period of the French Revolution. The events described typify theûadventures of American sailing vessels of the time and throw light uponûtheir role in international trade. The account links the adventures andûcommercial enterprises of Elijah Cobb in very readable prose. View more info

Honours and Awards Canadian Naval Forces World War II.

By: Paquette (Lt Cdr E.R.) & Bainbridge (Lt C.G.)

Price: £35.00

Publisher: ND 1965,

Seller ID: 8779

(vii), 600 + 34 + 53 + 3pp, large format (26.5cm x 21cm), printed stiffûpaper wrappers. AJS: A standard reference giving the name, rank, ship, award, date, withûany previous award, along with the citation for over 2000 individuals.ûThis work was published in a limited numbered edition of 500 copies, thisûbeing No 336. View more info

The Journals of Daniel Noble Johnson (1822-1863) United States Navy.

By: Peterson (M.L.) Editor.

Price: £14.00

Publisher: 1959,

Seller ID: 1386

iv + 268pp, 23 illus, original brown cloth. AJS: Journal of a cruise off the Brazils on board of the U.S. shipûDelaware, 1841-1842 and notes by the way while on board the U.S. schoonerûEnterprise. (sub title). View more info

A Thirst for Glory. The Life of Admiral Sir Sidney Smith.

By: Pocock (T.)

Price: £20.00

Publisher: 1996,

Seller ID: 1107

xx + 261pp, 19 illus, 2 maps, endpaper map, dw. AJS: A new life of this remarkable man, a rival of Nelson. View more info

Captain Marryat Seaman, Writer and Adventurer.

By: Pocock (T.)

Price: £15.00

Publisher: 2000,

Seller ID: 3086

208pp, 29 illus, dw. AJS: By the author of Remember Nelson, The Young Nelson in the Americas,ûNelson's Women, etc. View more info

Captain William Scoresby 1760-1829 Whitby's Most Successful Whaler.

By: Preston (C.)

Price: £10.00

Publisher: 1964 rp 1972, Whitby,

Seller ID: 9572

24pp, 8 illus, printed stiff paper wrappers. AJS: By the former Curator of the Cook and Scoresby Wings of the WhitbyûMuseum. View more info

A Journal of the Voyages and Travels of the Late Thomas Rees Sergeant of Marines.

By: Rees (T.)

Price: £15.00

Publisher: 1822 rp 1971,

Seller ID: 860

176pp, small format, head and tail bands, original dark blue cloth. AJS: A moving account of the short life of a sergeant of marines at theûtime of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. After three years aboardûthe ship of the line Temeraire, Rees served two commissions on HMSûFavourite, 1814-17, during which time he voyaged to India. Invalided outûof the service, he died in poverty in April 1820, after a long illness. Itûis a melancholy commentary on the social conditions of the age, that inûhis last years an annual pension of œ10 for himself and his family wasûonly procured with gre... View more info

The Log of a Forty-Niner Journal of a Voyage from Newbury-Port to San Francisco in the Brig General Worth Commanded by Capt Samuel Walton Kept by Richard L. Hale Newbury, Mass.

By: Russ (C.H.)

Price: £45.00

Publisher: 1923, Boston,

Seller ID: 9632

183pp, portrait frontis, 17 illus, decorated green cloth, dw. AJS: Being the record of adventures by sea and shore to the California Goldfields and the Pacific North West, 1849-1854. Illustrated from original sketches by the author. Edited from original manuscripts. View more info

Memoirs of Jocelyn Fitzgerald Ruthven 1849-1943 Master Mariner Cadet HMS "Conway" School Ship, 1864-1865.

By: Ruthven (Capt J.F.)

Price: £30.00

Publisher: 1949, Ipswich,

Seller ID: 9154

xv + 161pp, frontis, 13 illus, dark blue cloth, dw. AJS: With a foreword by Sir Alan Anderson. Capt Ruthven was for many years Commodore of the Orient Line and finally retired in 1911. He saw service in WWI as captain of the Ophir and lived to the age of 94. View more info

From the Forecastle to the Cabin.

By: Samuels (Capt S.) RP

Price: £16.00

Publisher: 1887 rp 1970,

Seller ID: 840

xviii + 308pp, 24 illus, decorated cloth. Albion, page 77: Lively range of experiences, losing nothing in theûtelling..ranging from service as a boy on a Philadelphia collier, toûcommand of a clipper packet. View more info

Letters and Papers of Alfred Thayer Mahan.

By: Seager (R.) & Maguire (D.D.)

Price: £95.00

Publisher: 1975,

Seller ID: 594

three volumes, large format (24cm x 20cm), a substantial production,ûoriginal grey cloth, in grey cloth slipcase (heavy set).û(1) 1847-1889, xvii + 718pp, frontis portrait, endpaper illus.û(2) 1890-1901, xiii + 745pp, frontis portrait, endpaper illus.û(3) 1902-1914, xiii + 873pp, frontis portrait, endpaper illus. AJS: Monumental production. The letters of the author of such works asûThe Influence of Sea Power Upon History, The Life of Nelson, etc, etc.,ûNB: A heavy set that may require additional postage depending on theûdestination, please check with me before ordering. View more info

The Privateering Earl. George Clifford, 3rd Earl of Cumberland, 1558-1605.

By: Spence (R.T.)

Price: £20.00

Publisher: 1995,

Seller ID: 1545

vx + 256pp, frontis, 6 colour illus, half title illus, 52 illus, 2ûgenealogical tables, 9 tables, 3 maps, dw. AJS: The first scholarly biography of this subject for seventy five years. View more info

William Scoresby Arctic Scientist.

By: Stamp (T.) & (C.)

Price: £25.00

Publisher: 1975,

Seller ID: 1225

xii + 253pp, 19 illus, dw. DNB: Born 1789, served at sea under his father 1800-1806; with fleet atûCopenhagen 1807; served as Captain in Greenland Fishery and made severalûscientific observations; various appointemnts to 1839, thence to Australiaû1839-47 to carry out magnetic observations, published scientific worksûrelating chiefly to the Arctic Seas, died ;857. View more info

An Uncommon Sailor A Portrait of Sir William Penn. English Naval Supremacy.

By: Street (L.)

Price: £8.00

Publisher: 1986,

Seller ID: 3682

(viii), 172pp, dw. AJS: The founder of Pennsylvania. View more info

Tyrwhitt of the Harwich Force.

By: Temple Patterson (A.)

Price: £18.00

Publisher: 1973,

Seller ID: 767

xiv + 336pp, 17 illus, map, black cloth, dw. AJS: Commanded Destroyer Flotillas at outbreak of WW1, invented theûcarrier, helped settle the Invergordon Mutiny, highly influential in anûera of change. View more info

Seamen's Torch The Life Story of Captain Edward Tupper National Union of Seamen.

By: Tupper (Capt E.)

Price: £10.00

Publisher: 1938,

Seller ID: 7719

320pp, original brown cloth. AJS: An account of the seaman and his role 1911-38 by the Secretary of the NUS. View more info