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By Joseph T. Downey Ordinary Seaman, USN. The Cruise of the Portsmouth A Sailor's View of the Naval Conquest of California 1845-1847.

By: Lamar (H.R.)

Price: £10.00

Publisher: 1958, Yale,

Seller ID: 8789

The Falklands and the Dwarf The Cruise of HMS Dwarf in the Falkland Islands 1881-1882.

By: Layman (Rear Ad C.H.) & Cameron (J.)

Price: £10.00

Publisher: 1995,

Seller ID: 3551

Precursors of Nelson British Admirals in the Eighteenth Century.

By: Le Fevre (P.) & Harding (R.) Editors.

Price: £20.00

Publisher: 2000,

Seller ID: 3114

William Diaper a Bigraphical Sketch.

By: Legge (C.)

Price: £5.00

Publisher: 1966,

Seller ID: 10716

James Toutant Proctor.

By: Legge (C.) & Terrell (J.)

Price: £5.00

Publisher: 1970,

Seller ID: 10717

Sir Francis Drake.

By: Lloyd (C.)

Price: £5.00

Publisher: 1957,

Seller ID: 8775

Memoirs of Celebrated Naval Commanders Illustrated by Engravings from Original Pictures in The Naval Gallery of Greenwich Hospital.

By: Locker (E.H.)

Price: £225.00

Publisher: 1832,

Seller ID: 306

Reminiscences of a Sailor.

By: Lord (Capt W.R.)

Price: £45.00

Publisher: 1894,

Seller ID: 4759

Queen's Company The Autobiography of Commodore Donald MacLean DSC, RD, RNR.

By: MacLean (D.)

Price: £16.00

Publisher: 1965 rev ed 1966,

Seller ID: 5904

Fear God and Dread Nought The Correspondence of Admiral of the Fleet Lord Fisher of Kilverstone.

By: Marder (A.J.) Editor. Set

Price: £225.00

Publisher: 1953-1959,

Seller ID: 1174

Memoirs of a Victorian Master Mariner. By Captain Hilary Marquand.

By: Marquand (E.B.) Editor.

Price: £12.00

Publisher: 1996,

Seller ID: 3690

A Family Man at Sea "My Dearest Margaret" Letters Home from a Mediterranean Flagship 1837-41.

By: McDowell (B.)

Price: £7.50

Publisher: 2013, Leominster,

Seller ID: 10406

The Diaries of Pte Horace Bruckshaw 1915-1916.

By: Middlebrook (M.) Editor.

Price: £12.00

Publisher: 1970,

Seller ID: 897

From Ship's-Boy to Skipper.

By: Moffat (H.Y.)

Price: £25.00

Publisher: 1909,

Seller ID: 8926

Fisher's Face. or, Getting to Know the Admiral.

By: Morris (J.)

Price: £10.00

Publisher: 1995, New York,

Seller ID: 11

Life of Robert Napier of West Shandon.

By: Napier (J.)

Price: £85.00

Publisher: 1904, Edinburgh,

Seller ID: 2624

China Station 1859-1864 The Reminiscences of Walter White.

By: NMM Monograph No 3. May (Cdr W.E.)

Price: £15.00

Publisher: 1972,

Seller ID: 7969

Life on the Ocean: Being Sketches of Personal Experience in the United States Naval Service, the American and British Merhant Marine, and the Whaling Service.

By: Nordhoff (C.) RP

Price: £25.00

Publisher: 1874 rp 1974,

Seller ID: 1807

The Cornish Captain's Tale.

By: O'Toole (L.)

Price: £5.00

Publisher: 1986, Redruth,

Seller ID: 8847

Elijah Cobb, Cape Cod Skipper 1768-1848.

By: Paine (R. ed) RP

Price: £12.00

Publisher: 1925 rp 1970,

Seller ID: 863