Author:Dana (R.H.) RP


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The Seamen's Friend.

By: Dana (R.H.) RP

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Publisher: 1845 rp 1970,

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viii + 224pp, 5 illus, decorated cloth. Albion, page 69: The author of Two Years Before the Mast, later aûsuccessful Boston lawyer, here sought to aid the seamen by making themûaware, in simple language, of their legl rights and duties.ûPublisher: Richard Henry Dana, author of the classic Two Years Before theûMast, written while he was a Harvard undergraduate, later became aûprominent Boston lawyer. He wrote this book to apprise sailors of theirûrights, which, as they had never before been recorded on paper, wereûconsidered virtually non-existant by the courts. The book prevented suchû... View more info