Battle of Trafalgar - Plan of Attack by Lord Nelson, on the Combined Fleet, October 21st 1805.

By: Dodd (R.) Marine Painter.

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broadside plan, etching and acquatint with original hand colouring, letterûpress description, image size 24cm x 36cm, overall size 65cm x 48cm, red inkûduty stamp to lower right hand corner, some small repairs to edge, one inûthe centre into text, some light browning due to age, wove paper with aûfor 1801, an attractive item. AJS: A great naval victory was gained by the British, under Nelson, overûthe combined fleets of France and Spain, commanded by Admiral Villeneuveûand two Spanish admirals, on 21st October 1805. The enemy's force wasûeighteen French and fifteen Spanish vessels, all of the line; that of theûBritish twenty-seven ships. After a protracted fight, Villeneuve and theûother admirals were taken, and nineteen of their ships captured orûdestroyed. Nelson was killed, and Admiral Collingwood succeeded to theûcommand. Without doubt our greatest naval victory. Certainly uncommon.ûDodd, Robert (1748-1815). Marine painter and publisher. One of theûprincipal recorders of the naval aspects of the American War ofûIndependence and the French Revolutionary Wars. He not only painted theûactions but also engraved over a hundred of them, mostly in aquatint.ûHe first exhibited at the Society of Artists in 1780, the same year as hisûyounger brother Ralph. Both painted battle pieces in a very similar mannerûand in Graves' dictionary of contributors to the Royal Academyûexhibitions, all the works by Dodd, starting in 1782, are lumped togetherûas by Ralph Dodd. This must be a mistake.ûRobert Dodd's major work was the very large painting of the end of LordûHowe's victory on 1st June 1794, showing the rescue of the crew of theûsinking Vengeur du Peuple. This he painted in 1795, to hang in the diningûroom of his local inn, the Half Way House in the Commercial Road. Becauseûof its size it was siad to be painted in situ. It is now at the NationalûMaritime Museum, Greenwich.ûAlthough he could occasionally turn out a nicely finished work, hisûpictures on the whole are rather dull. He last exhibited at the RoyalûAcademy in 1809. He died in London in February 1815.

Title: Battle of Trafalgar - Plan of Attack by Lord Nelson, on the Combined Fleet, October 21st 1805.

Author Name: Dodd (R.) Marine Painter.

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Publisher: 1805,

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