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1 Brind (Mid E.G.P.) Journal and Note Book for the Use of Junior Officers. HMS Arrogant, Bacchante, Diana, and Exmouth. 14th September, 1909 - 29th June, 1911.
manuscript journal, unpaginated, 200pp, attractive frontis line illus andūwatercolour chart, 18 full-page illustrations of equipment and fittings (allūbut one heightened in colour), text sketches in ink, original cloth bindingūwith marbled endpapers, large format (32cm x 21cm), a good journal in cleanūstate, with a series of attractive watercolour plates by Midshipman Brind.ūNB: Detailed four page description available on request. The Journal opens in 14th September 1909 with Midshipman Brind at Plymouthūjoining HMS Arrogant for passage to Malta preparatory to joining HMSūBacchante. Written in a good clear hand with a number of fine watercoloursūof equipment, fittings, and charts. Mid Brind was an accomplished artist.ūColledge, page 36: HMS Arrogant. 2nd class cruiser, 5,570 tons, 320 xū57.5ft, 4-6in, 6-4.7in (1902: 10-6in, 9-12pdr), Devonport DY 26.05.1896.ūDepot ship 06.1911. Sold 11.10.1923 Hughes Bolckow, Blyth.ūColledge, page 42: HMS Bacchante. 1st class cruiser, 12,000 tons, 454 xū69.5ft, 2-9.2in, 12-6in, 13-12pdr. John Brown 21.02.1901. Sold 01.07.1920ūS. Castle, Plymouth.ūColledge, page 99: HMS Diana. 2nd class cruiser, 5,600 tons, 350 x 54ft,ū5-6in, 6-4.7in, 9-12pdr. Fairfield 05.12.1895. Sold 01.07.1920 S. Castle,ūPlymouth.ūColledge, page 110: HMS Exmouth. Battleship, 14,000 tons, 405 75.5ft,ū4-12in, 12-6in, 12-12pdr. Laird 31.08.1901. Sold 15.01.1920 Sorth S. BkgūCo.ū1909.ū14/09/09. Capt H.H. Bruce commissioned HMS Arrogant with a complement ofū17 officers and 162 men. Ordered to Gibraltar and Malta. Men mustered atūtheir stations. Gunnery practice. (chart of voyage in colour).ū18/09/09. Sighted Cape Trafalgar then to Gibraltar. Went to dockyard toūsee the SS Adelina Patti, she ran ashore at Cape Passaro on 3rd Septemberūin heavy fog.ū04/10/09. Went on board the Russell in dry dock and were instructed in theūworking of a 12in gun.ū10/10/09. Two Chinese midshipmen joined, being trained in the Britishūnavy.ū13/10/09. Joined HMS Bacchante.ū18/10/09. Slipped and proceeded. Target practice with HMS Suffolk.ū22/10/09. Proceeded to Malta and Grand Harbour. At Valetta.ū08/11/09. The King's birthday, dressed ship.ū12/11/09. Midshipmen to Ricasoli range, carried out firing at 200, 300 andū500 yards. (attractive water colour - Overhead Dismounting Gear for 6inūB.L. Mark VII Gun).ū19/11/09. At Valetta. Dismounting and stripping 6in guns (detailedūdescription).ū26/11/09. Examining 6in guns. A man from the dockyard examined the bore ofūthe guns by taking impressions with Gutta Percha. When allowed to set, itūis removed and the impression examined for flaws.ū08/12/09. HMS Barham proceeded to assist in Battle Practice.ū11/12/09. Three tugs arrived to tow us into the dry dock (detailed twoūpage description). Ship's side thoroughly burnished to get rid of all theūdeposits (attractive water colour - Safety Pistol).ū17/12/09. At sea with HMS Cornwallis, Minerva, Barham, Duncan at battleūpractice.ū24/12/09. The hands had a make and mend to give the hands an opportunityūto decorate the ship. (attractive water colour - Removing the Tail Shaft).ū25/12/09. Christmas Day. Ship decorated with green stuff at masthead andūyardarms. Admiral and officers went round the mess decks which were wellūdecorated.ū27/12/09. The Swedish ship Oscar II arrived, built for coastal defence,ūvery heavily armed with two 8.2in guns in turrets on the forecastle andūquarterdeck. She is capable of 18.9 knots.ū31/12/09. Unshipping the rudder (work over two days).ū1910.ū05/01/10. Crankshaft hoisted out (detailed commentary).ū09/01/10. HMS Niobe proceeded for England, taking the crew of the Kentūhome. (full page watercolour of HMS Exmouth).ū10/01/10. Twelve midshipman, including myself, were discharged to HMSūExmouth.ū12/01/10. Joined other boats of the fleet to creep for mines outside theūharbour, in two divisions, eight picket boats and eight pinnaces (fullūpage description).ū(full page watercolour - Feed Regulating Gear, Method of ActivatingūValve).ū17/01/10. Received two of the latest torpedoes fitted with air heatersūi.e. Fiume Mark III.ū22/01/10. Dressed ship in honour of the accession of HM the King. A royalūsalute of 21 guns was fired at noon.ū23/01-29/01/10. Into No 7 dock examined under water fittings, paintingūwith anti-fouling mixture.ū29/01/10. HMS Edgar taking relief crews to gunboats on China Station.ū03/02/10. HMS Terrible called for three hours on her way home takingūrelieved crew from the Powerful. The whole fleet is very grieved at theūdeath of Miss Victoria Curzon Howe which took place at 1.10pm today ofūenteric fever.ū08/02/10. HMS Minotaur arrived from England and secured to 14 and 14Aūbuoys in Bigli Bay. Flying the flag of Vice Admiral Winsloe and is goingūto relieve the King Alfred as flagship of the China Station.ū(full page watercolour - L.P. Piston Method of Fitting Ring andūMaintaining Pressure Against Walls).ū10/02/10. The members of the army council arrived by the French mail. TheūC-in-C called on them at the Palace and they visited the ship after dinnerūand were saluted on leaving with 19 guns.ū18/02/10. The Hussar arrived followed by the Barham which secured toūCanteen Wharf (a busy harbour with numerous vessels noted as arriving orūsailing).ū21/02/10. Got out first picket boat whihc had been refitted and painted atū6.50am. Exercised all boats under oars and sail during the afternoon.ū24/02/10. Funeral of Lt Parr, of Somerset regiment, took place at 8.0amūwith full honours.ū28/02/10. Battle practice for HMS Russell, Aboukir, Diana. The pinnaceūwhich was away with the target party was badly damaged.ū02/03/10. At 9.20am Exmouth, Duncan, and Aboukir carried out Generalūexercise: Out and in nets twice, clear for action, replace gear andūrespread Quarter Deck awning, and away all boats crews.ū03/03/10. 6.10 Exmouth commenced coaling and took in 764 tons by 10.0amūmaking an average of 229.2 tons per hour. Commenced to clean ship, twoūtugs being used for washing down ships' sides.ū(full page watercolour - 6 Inch Mark VII Firing Mechanism).ū13/03/10. Gunnery Course. I finished my two months course of Engineeringūand came up for two months Gunnery and took over the 2nd cutter.ū14/03-19/03/10. Gunnery and torpedo practice.ū22/03/10. A signal was received the Stag to be sinking of Panagia point.ūThe Mallard and the Stag had come into collision when turning, the formerūgoing 15 knots and the latter 20 knots. The Mallard's bows were telescopedūand the Stag ws stove in before the bridge (page description of the eventūand the assistance provided).ū24/03/10. In evening Mt Etna was observed to be in a state of eruption.ūLava flowing from many craters in the side devastating the surroundingūcultivated land and driving the neighbouring villagers from their homes.ū05/04-08/04/10. Target practice (two page description).ū(full page watercolour - Steam Trap HMS Exmouth).ū09/04/10. The operation of the Shield Bar (full page description).ū(full page watercolour - Shield Bar and Valves).ū14/04/10. American Consul visited ship and saluted with 17 guns. Slippedūand proceeded to take Admiral the Hon Sir Assheton Gore Curzon-Howe GCVūback to England.ū15/04/10. At sea. Carried out War Routine (detailed two page description).ū19/04/10. Towards Gibraltar, passed French cruiser Forbin as we enteredūbay. Came to with starboard anchor off the entrance of the harbour.ū20/04/10. Leaving Gibraltar (full page watercolour - Training Gear forūTurret - description of its use on next page).ū24/04/10. Anchored in Spithead. Commenced coaling. Admiral Sir E. Poe,ūKCB, KCVO, came on board with his staff. Struck the flag of Sir A.ūCurzon-Howe and hoisted the flag of Sir Edmund Poe, KCB, KCVO.ū07/05/10. Received news of death of His Majesty King Edward VII. His deathūis deeply regretted by the whole nation.ū08/05/10. Halley's comet was sighted during the morning watch. The cometūwas first recorded in the time of the ancient Egyptians and is supposed toūappear every 75 years. We proceeded out of harbour towards Malta.ū12/05/10. Passed a French ship coming out of the new French naval baseūBizerta, she saluted the C-in-C flag with 17 guns, which we returned.ū13/05/10. Secured to 3 and 3A buoys in Grand Harbour, Malta.ū16/05/10. Anchors lowered on to lighters. Torpedo nets lowered. Handsūemployed refitting net defence and refitting the boats.ū(full page watercolour - Automatic Sinker - one page description).ū20/05/10. Funeral of late Majesty King Edward VII 10.0am. Ships in GrandūHarbour fired 68 minute guns. Special memorial service. At sunset 68ūminute guns were fired and colours hoisted close up.ū25/05/10. Mobilisation of the Forts. No merchant is allowed to enter GrandūHarbour. Full exercise with ships in fleet involved etc (three pageūdescription).ū01/06/10. A message of congratulation was sent to Admiral Curzon-Howe, onūthe anniversary of the Glorious First of June, when his ancestor defeatedūthe French unde Villaret-Joyeuse.ū03/06/10. A royal salute was fired of 21 guns by all the ships in GrandūHarbour in honour of King George V's birthday.ū06/06/10. Refitting ship. Owing to Admiralty order the refit to be carriedūout as quickly as possible.ū09/06/10. HMS Duncan, Cornwallis, Swiftsure, Triumph, and Hussar slippedūand proceeded to carry out steam tactics under Admiral Poe (full pageūdescription).ū13/06/10. Provisioned ship taking in four months supplies. Coaling shipūwith three lighters, hard work (full page description).ū15/06/10. At sea to Gibraltar. (full page watercolour - Crosshead of H.P.ūCylinder Scale 1/8).ū17/06/10. Russells boilers were very defective. Taken to Boiler wharf forūhasty refit.ū18/06/10. Returned to Grand Harbour. Whilst anchoring cables fouledūpropellor blades (page description use of divers etc).ū23/06/10. Fleet carried out steam tactics, and I as assistant navigator,ūwas on the bridge the whole time, taking ranges and bearings of ships.ūFleet organised in three divisions (1) Exmouth, Triumph and Russell. (2)ūDuncan, Swiftsure and Cornwallis. (3) Bacchante, Aboukir and Lancaster.ū24/06/10. Man of war and four destroyers sighted during the morning watch,ūthey were apparently French, but mist prevented us from seeing themūclearly.ū28/06/10. Returned to Grand Harbour. Gunner killed in accident. In theūevening the C-in-C gave a dinner aprty for all Captains and Admirals ofūthe combined fleets.ū03/07/10. Carried out steam tactics. Sighted 6th Cruiser Squadron aheadūspread over an arc of 20 miles (detailed full page listing all the vesselsūinvolved).ū09/07/10. Battle fleet and cruisers weighed and proceeded.ū10/07/10. Battle fleet of the Home fleet was sighted following us.ū11/07/10. At Oban.ū13/07/10. War Declared (i.e. for practice etc).ū(full page watercolour - Manoeuvre Area July 1910).ū16/07/10. Submarine sighted. Since war was declared nets have been got outūevery evening at 9.45, except on Saturday, and the ships were 'manned andūarmed' by 10.30pm, the ship being darkened.ū17/07-25/07/10. Diary of Events after Fleet Left Oban. (With detailedūnotes on the manouevres over four pages).ū(full page watercolour - H.P. Linking Up Gear HMS Exmouth, Scale 1/8)ū26/07/10. At Torbay. HM Yacht Victoria and Albert with the King and Queenūarrived and picked up special moorings. Fired 21 gun salute.ū28/07/10. At sea. HM King in Dreadnought. Mr Graham White made two flightsūover the fleet.ū30/07/10. At Gibraltar. Heavy rain fall.ū03/08/10. 42 hours leave to Starboard Watch.ū04/08/10. 42 hours leave to Port Watch.ū08/08/10. Coaling ship 177.2 tons per hour.ū10/08/10. To Tetuan Bay. Ran torpedoes to test their speed, previous toūcarrying out Torpedo Battle Practice. Returned to Gibraltar.ū15/08/10. Sighted four Russian warships Tzarevitch, Slava, Rurik andūBogatyr. The Slava being towed by the Tzarevitch.ū25/08/10. Proceeded to Catalan Bay at 7.45 and carried out No 2 practice.ūGun control from Fore Top, then Main Top, then Conning Tower.ū31/08/10. H.E. the Governor of Gibraltar, General Sir Forestier Walkerūdied. Exmouth, Russell, Triumph, Swiftsure, and the Hussar proceeded toūMalaga. This is Spain's most fashionable seaside resort and is at presentūholding an aeroplane meeting. Mr Molliere flow over the ship on a Bleriotūmonoplane (other comments on aviation too).ū04/09/10. Ship opened to visitors and a great many people of all classesūcame on board.ū07/09/10. Off Valencia. The British Ambassador in Spain came on board forūpassage to Barcelona.ū10/09/10. Barcelona. British Consul made official visit on C-in-C and wasūsaluted with 11 guns. In the afternoon the C-in-C received the civilūgovernor and the Captain General, who was sent to Barcelona to put downūthe riots.ū19/09/10. At Spezia. Saluted the country and answered the Italianūflagship's salute.ū25/09/10. Passed Messina during the afternoon, seems to have been nearlyūrebuilt again.ū01/10/10. Finished my course of Engineering.ū13/10/10. At Marsa Scirocco. Exmouth acted as counting ship for gunneryūpractice for HMS Suffolk, Bacchante, Triumph and Aboukir. Returned toūGrand Harbour.ū(full page plan and skecth - Messing Arrangemnts in HMS Exmouth).ū21/10/10. Exercised general drill, getting out sheet anchor (full pageūdescription).ū26/10/10. General Sir Ian Hamilton visited ship and was saluted with 17ūguns on leaving.ū27/10/10. Coaling ship again. The C-in-C sent a congratulatory signal toūthe effect that he considered the coaling of all the battleships and theūAboukir very good.ū28/10/10. The whole fleet proceeded to sea to carry out Squadron BattleūPractice (full page description).ū04/11/10. First day of pulling regatta (various races described with theūresults etc).ū11/11/10. We (Midshipman Brind and others) left the ship to join theūRussell for passage to the Diana in Malta.ū14/11/10. On board the Russell in Grand Harbour. Midshipmen's yearlyūexamination started with Seamanship Papers in the forenoon and afternoon.ū19/11/10. Discharged to the Diana.ū22/11/10. Started the 'B' course at Ricasoli range. Preliminary firing atū200, 500 and 300 yards.ū25/11/10. Marksmans course. Testing Boat's Davits. (full page dsecriptionūwith two pen and ink sketches).ū(full page watercolour - HMS Diana Crosshead Scale 1/4)ū28/11/10. Midshipmen completed their course at the range. Then we strippedūa 6in gun for the quadrennial survey (full page description of thisūprocess).ū01/12/10. Dressed ship on ocassion of the birthday of Queen Alexandria.ū02/12/10. In Somerset dock with hands scraping ship. Work in engine andūboiler rooms, general repairs.ū(full page watercolour - Controlling Gear for 18in RGF Mark IV Scale 1/2).ū03/12/10. Work begins examining hull, ship's propellors.ū16/12/10. Provisioning ship. The whole fleet is now in harbour, except theūMinerva who is at Crete.ū19/12/10. Visited Fort St Angelo, where new topmasts and topgallant mastsūare toplifted. (full page watercolour - Vertical Sliding W.T. Door).ū25/12/10. Christmas Day. At divisions the Captain presented AB Humphreysūwith a parchment certificate of the Royal Humane Society for saving a manūfrom drowning at Suda Bay. Captain and Officers went round the mess deckūwhich was very well decorated.ū29/12/10. The midshipmen went to see the Diana's cable tested (pageūdescription).ū01/01/11. Heavy rain which was much needed.ū02/01/11. Ship's hands commenced painting bottom of ship with anti-foulingūcomposition.ū05/01/11. Exmouth, Swiftsure and Suffolk went out to assist at theūCornwallis' and Medea's battle practice (full page watercolour -ūCompressor Cylinder C02 Machine, Section of Valves).ū08/01/11. Hockey match fro the Caesar Cup.ū15/01/11. Attended the funeral of Fleet Surgeon Rogers of the Orontes, atūwhich the Governor, Admiral Simons and a great many officers of the Navyūand Army were present.ū17/01/11. Commenced coaling. (full page watercolour - HMS DianaūPropellor).ū18/01/11. Went to Rinella Creek to see one of the new wireless mastsūfitted, 220ft high (page description of this).ū22/01/11. I went below at 6.0am and undertook for the first time theūduties of Engineer officer of the watch. Slipped and proceeded forūDevonport (13 knots) and shaped course for Gibraltar.ū25/01/11. Gibraltar harbour.ū28/01/11. Sighted the Lizard and the Eddystone. Anchored in Plymouth Soundūoff Drake's Island. Proceeded on leave.ū04/02/11. Capt S.S. Hall commissioned HMS Diana, with a crew drawn fromūthe Devonport depot. Details of Watch Bill and its composition.ū10/02/11. At sea in company with Bonaventure and submarines C36, C37 andūC38, three of the newest in their class. Capt Hall is to be in command ofūthis flotilla and is to take them as far as Suez and then turn them overūto the East Indian squadron.ū16/02/11. Rounded Cape St Vincent.ū17/02/11. Sighted Cadiz Light and then Tarifa. Heavy weather and strongūwinds made it very uncomfortable for the submarines. Anchord at Gibraltar,ūAtlantic Fleet and 5th Cruiser squadron in harbour.ū21/02/11. Taking submarine in two (full page description).ū01/03/11. At Malta and enterred Grand Harbour.ū03/03/11. Received news of death of Admiral Sir H.G. Curson-Howe, lateūC-in-C Portsmouth.ū06/03/11. Slipped and proceeded to Port Said the harbour of which isūnarrow and cramped. The Barham and C 36 arrived. Other vessels due as theūsubmarines to be towed to Columbo.ū14/03/11. Slipped and proceeded out of harbour shaped course for easternūend of Crete.ū16/03/11. At Suda Bay with two Italian, one French, one Russian shipūpresent. Italians carried out gunnery practice, but very slow. (full pageūdescription of the foreign warships).ū27/03/11. Ashore obtaining stores.ū30/03/11. Landed the battalion and attacked a point near the top of MountūMalaxa. 1st lieutenant was at the top judging which group took best coverūand acted successfully.ū31/03/11. Working on refurbishment of the pier (work continued through Mayūand is described, with divers taking part too).ū09/04/11. A lecture on alcoholism was given by the Surgeon on the QuarterūDeck.ū11/04/11. Anchored about two miles out of Suda Bay for target practice.ū19/04/11. Landed field gun crews for practice firing at target in bay.ū24/04/11. Worked the whole week on the pier. Joined one side of the oldūpier to the new, and had great difficulty in finding decent size stones.ū08/05/11. Work on the pier again.ū12/05/11. Fired four torpedoes, two of which ran ashore.ū19/05/11. Pier fit for use.ū25/05/11. Barham intended to proceed at 4.0am to carry out her 'gunlayersūtest'but weather too bad.ū29/05/11. Calibrating guns (half page description).ū03/06/11. Dressed ship at noon in honour of the King's birthday and firedūa salute of 21 guns at noon. There was a big Naval and Military review onūthe Marsa, but the Diana being out of routine we sent no men. The fleetūwas illuminated at night.ū13/06/11. At Suda Bay. New summer routine was started (half pageūdescription) The object being that heavy work should be done in the coolūof the day.ū22/06/11. Coronation day (detailed description).ū23/06/11. Spliced the main brace in honour of the Coronation of KingūGeorge V.ūThe Journal ends at this point. 
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