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1 Deacon (M.) & Savours (A.) & Hattersley-Smith (G.) Sir George Strong Nares (1831-1915) and The British Arctic Expedition, 1875-76.
(ii), 26pp, 12 illus, map, printed blue paper wrappers. AJS: Extract reprinted from Polar Record, Vol 18, No 113, May 1976. 
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2 Drinkwater (R.P.) Journal - A Trip to Jersey, 2nd to 16th September, 1901.
unpaginated, 148pp, 2 portrait photos as frontis, folding map (Jersey), mapŻ(St Peter Port), map (St Helier), map in colour (Channel Islands), 2Żcuttings laid in, 30 original photographs laid in, original cloth binding,Żleather spine, printed label on front board.ŻNB: Printed two page description available on request. AJS: The journal is written in a neat clear hand on one side of the page,Żso 69 pages of 1350 lines. This is not a full transcription and theŻentries are chosen give a fair idea of the content.ŻThe Journal opens on 2nd September, 1901, at Salop railway station.Ż(two portrait photographs of the travellers and a double-page map ofŻJersey)ŻMonday, 2nd September. Boarded the train and set out for Jersey callingŻat Basingstoke and Southampton. We lost our luggage on the train and thenŻhad an uncomfortable sea voyage before arriving at Guernsey.Ż(cutting inserted, hand drawn plan of St Peter Port).ŻTuesday, 3rd September.ŻOn to Jersey (population of 54518 in the census 1898).ŻArriving in Jersey, still without our luggage, we had trouble findingŻsuitable and clean accomodation. (There follows a description of theŻtown of St. Helier and the shops, churches and so forth). In theŻafternoon we took a train to Gorey, 10 miles eastwards along the coast,Żour companions on the trip only spoke French. (The author describes theŻtown and its famous fortress Mount Orgueil Castle).ŻPhotographs (1) Harbour at St Helier. (2) Quay at Fort Regent. (3) HandŻdrawn plan of St Helier. (4) Group. (5) Fountain in Market. (6) Mt OrgueilŻCastle. (7) The Castle from the Post Office. (8) Sketch of Ancient Stone.ŻWednesday, 4th September.ŻUncle Drinkwater set off to view Fort Regent and to visit his niece.Ż(1) Photograph view from Fort Regent. (2) Cutting St Aubin.Ż(again there is an account of the location).ŻThursday, 5th September.ŻSet off on the Jersey Tramways & Railway Company's train passing throughŻSt. Aubins and its noted bay (full description) with a good view ofŻElizabeth Castle and St Helier. The line has a number of stations WestŻPark, First Tower, Mill brook, Bel Royal, Beaumont, La Haule, St Aubins,ŻGreenville, Pont Marquet, Don Bridge etc. (There follows an account ofŻSt Brelades Bay and the very interesting church St Peters an early NormanŻconstruction. The Sexton gave a guided tour of the building.ŻReturning to the station we met the station master who had served in IndiaŻAlso, a fellow traveller and amateur photographer.ŻPhotographs (1) External view of St Peters (2) Interior view. (3)ŻChurchyard.ŻFriday, 6th September.ŻFollowing a swim we purchased two cabbage walking sticks, the cabbageŻwhich furnishes the stalks is peculiar to the island. Later in theŻday we met Mrs Knatchbull and her husband who farm in the areaŻ(description of Jersey farming). Land is rented on the island at anythingŻfrom ú9 to ú13 per acre, a farm in Jersey of 8 acres would pay as much inŻrent as a farm of 250 acres in England. (The journal describes the typesŻof plants grown in Jersey and the important green house business, the bulbŻtrade for the London market).ŻSaturday, 7th September.ŻMr Le Sueur met us in Royal Square as he had arranged to take us over theŻhouses of the Jersey Parliament. First, we visited the Library establishedŻin 1736, then the upper hall of the Court of Justice (description of theŻbuilding and its use). The soldiers from Fort Regent parade in the squareŻevery Sunday morning and a picquet is stationed there every evening.ŻSunday, 8th September.ŻA day of rest today.ŻMonday, 9th September.ŻTook the horse drawn bus from the Binden Hotel to Trinity, once a year anŻofficial makes an inspection of the over handing trees, carrying a 10ftŻpole, fining the farmers 2sh.6p. for every branch on a tree lower thanŻ10ft from the ground.ŻAt La Haute Croix I left the bus to walk the remaining interval to TrinityŻand Mr Le Sueur lodgings (description of this high point and the landŻaround). There is marked evidence of fortifications and towers along theŻcoast. So dangerous is the entire coast round the island, there areŻpractically no fishing boats, all fish is caught with nets between tides,Żthe rise and fall of 20-40ft tides giving them their opportunity.ŻPhotographs (1) Trinity Church. (2) Interior. (3) Mrs Le Sueur. (4) BouleyŻBay. (5) Le Sueur property. (6) St Aubins, Jersey.ŻTuesday, 10th September.ŻBy train to Corbiere via St Aubins with its magnificent castle, we walkedŻalong the shore and talked to bathers. At Corbiere we saw the lighthouseŻand had some tea. We saw the Weymouth boat on its way from Peter Port toŻSt Helier.ŻPhotographs (1) La Corbiere Lighthouse. (2) Colour Chart of ChannelŻIslands.ŻWednesday, 11th September.ŻThis day we proposed going by boat to the coast of France and staying theŻnight at St Malo (describes the boat, journey and passengers). St MaloŻwith a population of 14,500 is a city the lofty houses of which areŻclosely packed within imposing ramparts, just at the entrance is a rockŻon which the tomb of the poet Chateaubriand is placed according to hisŻwish. The customs are very keen and you cannot import matches as theŻFrench Government has the monopoly of manufacture. We elected to stay atŻthe Hotel du Centre & de la Paix, Rue St Thomas. We mounted a narrowŻstaircase uo 4 flights of 15 steps and landed in a large double bedroom,Żthe cooking was perfection and food unthought of at home was served. AsŻsoon as dinner was over we went to the Place Chateaubriand where theŻMunicipal band was playing.ŻPhotographs (1) St Malo. (2) La Grande Porte, St Malo, and (3) Carved doorŻat St Malo. (4) Cutting inserted.ŻThursday, 12th September.ŻWe walked round the walls, St Malo is built upon an island rock 65 acresŻin area, walled completely round. The cathedral dates from the 9th centuryŻand has a very fine spireŻPhotographs (1) Street scene, St Malo. (2) Cathedral, St Malo. (3) TheŻCasino (outside La Grande Porte). (4) Two girls on sea wall. (5) TheŻAuthor.ŻFriday, 13th September.ŻToday we visited St Heliers parish church said to have been built in 1341,Żthen to Elizabeth castle the tide being out permitted us to walk theŻnarrow causeway to the castle entrance. The castle provides accomodationŻfor the entire battery near 200 strong. When the Parliamentary forcesŻlanded in Jersey, Cartaret stubbornly held out in Elizabeth castle whichŻwas bombarded from Fort Regent until a shell exploded the powder magazineŻkilling 40 men.ŻPhotographs (1) The Church. (2) Elizabeth Castle.ŻSaturday, 14th September.ŻThis morning we took a walk round the eastern suburbs and obtained aŻphotograph of the college, then on to the market.ŻPhotographs (1) The College. (2) The Market (busy scene).ŻSunday, 15th September.ŻHad a good walk up to and round Fort Regent and along the beach to theŻharbour. On the flagstaff surmounting the fort, signals are hoisted whichŻall Jerseyman understand and depend upon for certain news such as theŻapproach of storms, departure of mail boats, and communication withŻElizabeth castle. A small granite obelisk near Victoria Pier commemoratesŻthe loss of the Normandy after collision in fog, March 17th, 1870, whenŻthe officers and crew gave up the boats to the passengers, stood by theŻsinking ship and sank with her.ŻPhotographs (1) The Fish Market. (2) Street scene.ŻMonday, 16th September.ŻRising early for a stroll and to say our farewells. The cab rolled to theŻdoor to take us and our luggage to the boat in the dock to carry us toŻSouthampton. (last page comments on the benefits of Jersey and itsŻfuture). 
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3 Jones (T.) Seagulls in My Soup Further Adventures of a Wayward Sailor.
299pp, 2 maps, dw. AJS: Continues the adventures of the Saga of a Wayward Sailor. 
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4 Rigby (N.) & Van Der Merwe (P.) Captain Cook in the Pacific.
144pp, 50 colour illus, 70 half tone illus, stiff paper covers. Publisher: Charts his three great Pacific voyages looks at the man, and his crew, and the explorations and discoveries they made which were to be of global significance. Illustrated throughout with many images from the (NMM) Museum's extensive collections. 
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5 Williamson (J.A.) The Voyages of John and Sebastion Cabot.
19pp, 2 maps, opriginal green paper covers. SBS: Published for the Historical Association, Williamson was anŻexpert on Tudor History. 
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6 Zabriskie (G.A.) William Phipps 1651-1695 an Uncommon Man.
18pp, frontis, 2 illus, printed green boards. SBS: Phipps was an American who retrieved the treasure from a Spanish shipŻoff Tortuga, he brought the treasure back to London. Refused a commissionŻin the Royal Navy from William III, returning to America to become theŻfirst Governor of Massachusetts. 
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