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1 Admiralty. "United We Conquer" Combined Operations 1940-1942.
144pp, 45 illus, endpaper illus, original photographic stiff paperūwrappers, sligth wear to spine. AJS: Wartime propaganda issue covering combined operations at the time. 
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2 Anon. A Narrative of the Proceedings of His Majestys Fleet Under the Command of Earl Howe from 2nd May to 2nd June 1794.
1796 rp 1971, 
108pp, frontis, large folding plate, sketch, large format (26.5cm x 19.5cm), attractive production, pale blue cloth. NMM Cat, Vol 5, Pt 1, entry 1798: Particularly of the Glorious First of June Action. Appendices include: (1) List of French ships taken; (2) Full casualties in the British fleet; (3) Howe's despatch of 2 June to the Admiralty; (4) Full list of officers in each ship which took part; (5) The French line of battle; (6) Reproduction of Jean Bon Saint-Andre's journal entry for 1 June on board Le Montagne. AJS: A contemporary account of Lord Howe's victory over the French fleet under Admiral Villaret-Joyeuse in the Glorious First of June action, 1794, and the events before and after. The work is enhanced by the large folding engraved plate which shews the dispositions and tactics of the opposing fleets during the course of the action. The text also contains a full list of officers on board each of the thirty-eight British ships present, from the flagship, Queen Charlotte, 100, to the Ranger, cutter. 
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3 Anon. A Narrative of the Proceedings of the British Fleet Commanded by Admiral Sir John Jervis KB in the Late Action with the Spanish Fleet 1797.
1797 rp 1971, 
32pp, 8 folding engraved plates, large format (26.5cm x 19.5cm), attractive production, pale blue cloth. NMM Cat, Vol 5, Pt 1, entry 1799: The three appendices comprise: return of killed and wounded on board the British ships; ships and commanders of both fleets. AJS: The best contemporary account of the famous action off Cape St Vincent, in which four Spanish ships of the line, including two 112s, were taken. The accompanying plans, shewing the positions of both fleets at different stages in the action, are particularly interesting. Although published anonymously, the work was actually written by Colonel John Drinkwater-Bethune, better known for his history of the Siege of Gibraltar in the previous war. As a member of General Eliot's staff, Bethune was returning from the Mediterranean in a frigate when he became an eyewitness of the battle. 
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4 Anon. Plan d'Attaque de Zeebrugge - Cartes Vues Detachables.
18 original postcard views, with a postcard map, small format, originalūprinted orange wrappers. AJS: Souvenir issue postcards (unused) showing the assault on Zeebruggeūand its aftermath 1914-1918. 
Price: 25.00 GBP
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5 Davies (P.) The Field of Waterloo.
booklet, 48pp, 34 illus, pictorial paper wrappers. SBS: Companion to people places and events. 
Price: 5.00 GBP
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6 General Staff, War Office. Confidential. The Russo-Japanese War. Reports From Officers Attached to the Japanese Forces in the Field. Five Volumes in Ten Parts.
five volumes in ten parts as issued, title on spine and front board of eachūvolume, original embossed red cloth (heavy set).ūVol I (Revised Edition), 1906, two parts as issued. Text vol, xxv + 420pp, 7ūplates in text, text illus. Plate vol, 44 folding plates (plate 1 removedūsee note), many heightened in colour.ūVol II, 1905, two parts as issued. Text vol, 5 + x + 568pp, text illus.ūPlate vol, 48 folding plates, many heightened in colour.ūVol III, 1905, two parts as issued. Text vol, x + 627pp, folding plate, textūillus. Plate vol, 32 folding plates, many heightened in colour.ūVol IV, 1906, two parts as issued. Text vol, xxiv + 528pp, 21 plates (5ūfolding), 12 illus, text illus. Plate vol, 24 folding plates, manyūheightened in colour.ūVol V, 1906, two parts as issued. Text vol not present. Plate vol, 23ūfolding plates, many heightened in colour. Note: These reports are published by the courtesy of the Imperial JapaneseūGovernment on the distinct understanding that the information contained inūthem shall not be publicly referred to or quoted, nor circulated by theūselected officers to whom they are issued.ūOfficers who receive them will use their discretion in communicating theūcontents to the officers under their command, but will be held responsibleūthat such information is imparted with due caution and reserve.ūPreface to Revised Edition: Additional information and maps, which haveūbeen received since the publication of the original volume, have now madeūit possible to give most of the place names in their correct Chinese form;ūthe spelling of them had been made uniform throughout the text and maps.ūIn the course of editing it has been found necessary to add certainūfootnotes; these are distinguished from the footnotes of the writers ofūthe reports by being without initials. Maj-Gen J.M. Grierson, Director ofūMilitary Operations.ūNote on Vol I: Confidential Volume No. 027 261 - 227356.ūOperations of First Japanese Army to the Battle of the Yalu; OperationsūOperations of the Second and Fourth Japanese Armies, to the Battle ofūLiao-Yang; Operations of the First Japanese Army from the Battle of Yalu,ū1st May 1904, up to the Battle of Liao-Yang; Reports on MiscellaneousūMatters; Reports on the Various Arms; Port Arthur; Appendices; Index.ūNote. One plate is missing from the plates volume and there is aūcontemporary hand written note stating "Plate 1 lost and reported toūC-in-C, November, 1913."ūNote on Vol II: Confidential Volume No. 027 185. Contents: Siege of PortūArthur; Battle of Sha Ho; Further Reports on Earlier Operations; Reportsūon Various Branches of the Service; Reports on Warlike Stores, Equipment,ūetc; Embarkations and Disembarkations.ūNote on Vol III: Confidential Volume N0. 027 233. Contents; Situation atūthe Beginning of 1905, and Battle of Hei-Kou-Tai; The Battle of Mukden;ūTactics and Organization; Medical and Sanitary.ūNote on Vol IV: Confidential Number No. 027 269. Contents: Operations;ūMiscellaneous.ūNote on Vol V: The text volume is not present. 
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7 Gibson (L.) & Harper (Rear Ad J.E.T.) The Riddle of Jutland An Authentic History.
xvi + 416pp, 12 diags, 2 charts in pocket at end of volume, attractive copy in original grey cloth. Marder: Intended for the general reading public; not free from bias. 
Price: 35.00 GBP
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8 Hainsworth (R.) & Churches (C.) The Anglo-Dutch Naval Wars 1652-1674.
viii + 212pp, frontis, 43 illus, 11 maps, attractive format, dw. AJS: Covers the three wars from the Commonwealth through to Charles 11's reign. Little in print on this topic, so a useful modern work. 
Price: 30.00 GBP
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9 Lockyer (Capt H.C.) Gallipoli, Cape Helles, April, 1915. The Tragedy of "The Battle of the Beaches" Together with the Proceedings of HMS "Implacable."
1936, privately published, 
22pp, 2 sketch maps, printed paper wrappers. AJS: Dedicated to the glorious 29th division boats crews and beach partiesūof His Majesty's Navy. 
Price: 10.00 GBP
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10 Naish (G.P.B.) Documents Illustrating the History the Spanish Armada.
ND 1960, 
84pp, frontis, original stiff paper wrappers. AJS: Extracted from The Naval Miscellany, Vol IV, published by the NavyūRecords Society. 
Price: 10.00 GBP
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11 Owen (J.H.) War at Sea Under Queen Anne 1702-1708.
xiv + 316pp, 6 illus, 5 maps, original pale blue cloth, in original worn dw. NMM Cat, Vol 5, Pt 1, entry 958: An important study chapters on; The naval war in the Mediterranean - Cadiz, Port Mahon, Barcelona (1705), Toulon (1707),; French attacks on trade in the Channel; Cruisers and convoys; and Dunkirk 1708. 
Price: 120.00 GBP
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12 The Historical Section of the Committee of Imperial Defence. All Rights Reserved. The Official History of the Russo-Japanese War. Parts I-V.
five parts as published, original pale cream printed boards, some ex-libraryūstamps, contents tight and clean, some wear to binding (heavy set).ūPart I, 1909, 2nd ed, 95pp, folding plate, folding table, 3 large foldingūmaps (heightened in colour) in pocket at end, note that one is missing.ūPart II. From the Battle of the Yalu to Liao-Yang, Exclusive. 1908, 164pp,ūfolding map within the text, 11 large folding maps (heightened in colour),ūin pocket at end.ūPart III. The Siege of Port Arthur. 1909, 173pp, 22 plates within the textū(8 folding), 8 large folding maps (heightened in colour) in pocket at end.ūPart IV. Liao-Yang. 1909, 120pp, folding plate, 4 appendices within text (3ūfolding), 7 large folding maps (heightened in colour) in pocket at end.ūPart V. Sha Ho. 1910, 183pp, folding plate within text, 10 large foldingūmaps (heightened in colour) in pocket at end. 
Price: 425.00 GBP
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13 The Society for Nautical Research. The Battle of Trafalgar.
Extract, 40pp, frontis, 5 text figs, 6 folding plates, no wrappers. AJS: An SNR offprint by Rear-Admiral A.H. Taylor. 
Price: 10.00 GBP
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14 Usherwood (S.) Editor. The Great Enterprise The History of the Spanish Armada.
192pp, colour frontis, 14 colour illus, 16 illus, endpaper illus, dw. AJS: Edited from contemporary sources covering the events leading up to the Armada and its aftermath. 
Price: 15.00 GBP
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15 Young (Lt F.) A Bord des Croiseurs de Bataille.
1927, Paris, 
228pp, printed stiff paper wrappers. AJS: Includes an account of the Battle of Dogger Bank, translated intoūFrench. 
Price: 10.00 GBP
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