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Author Name    General Staff, War Office.

Title   Confidential. The Russo-Japanese War. Reports From Officers Attached to the Japanese Forces in the Field. Five Volumes in Ten Parts.

Publisher    1905-06,

Seller ID   10662

five volumes in ten parts as issued, title on spine and front board of eachūvolume, original embossed red cloth (heavy set).ūVol I (Revised Edition), 1906, two parts as issued. Text vol, xxv + 420pp, 7ūplates in text, text illus. Plate vol, 44 folding plates (plate 1 removedūsee note), many heightened in colour.ūVol II, 1905, two parts as issued. Text vol, 5 + x + 568pp, text illus.ūPlate vol, 48 folding plates, many heightened in colour.ūVol III, 1905, two parts as issued. Text vol, x + 627pp, folding plate, textūillus. Plate vol, 32 folding plates, many heightened in colour.ūVol IV, 1906, two parts as issued. Text vol, xxiv + 528pp, 21 plates (5ūfolding), 12 illus, text illus. Plate vol, 24 folding plates, manyūheightened in colour.ūVol V, 1906, two parts as issued. Text vol not present. Plate vol, 23ūfolding plates, many heightened in colour. Note: These reports are published by the courtesy of the Imperial JapaneseūGovernment on the distinct understanding that the information contained inūthem shall not be publicly referred to or quoted, nor circulated by theūselected officers to whom they are issued.ūOfficers who receive them will use their discretion in communicating theūcontents to the officers under their command, but will be held responsibleūthat such information is imparted with due caution and reserve.ūPreface to Revised Edition: Additional information and maps, which haveūbeen received since the publication of the original volume, have now madeūit possible to give most of the place names in their correct Chinese form;ūthe spelling of them had been made uniform throughout the text and maps.ūIn the course of editing it has been found necessary to add certainūfootnotes; these are distinguished from the footnotes of the writers ofūthe reports by being without initials. Maj-Gen J.M. Grierson, Director ofūMilitary Operations.ūNote on Vol I: Confidential Volume No. 027 261 - 227356.ūOperations of First Japanese Army to the Battle of the Yalu; OperationsūOperations of the Second and Fourth Japanese Armies, to the Battle ofūLiao-Yang; Operations of the First Japanese Army from the Battle of Yalu,ū1st May 1904, up to the Battle of Liao-Yang; Reports on MiscellaneousūMatters; Reports on the Various Arms; Port Arthur; Appendices; Index.ūNote. One plate is missing from the plates volume and there is aūcontemporary hand written note stating "Plate 1 lost and reported toūC-in-C, November, 1913."ūNote on Vol II: Confidential Volume No. 027 185. Contents: Siege of PortūArthur; Battle of Sha Ho; Further Reports on Earlier Operations; Reportsūon Various Branches of the Service; Reports on Warlike Stores, Equipment,ūetc; Embarkations and Disembarkations.ūNote on Vol III: Confidential Volume N0. 027 233. Contents; Situation atūthe Beginning of 1905, and Battle of Hei-Kou-Tai; The Battle of Mukden;ūTactics and Organization; Medical and Sanitary.ūNote on Vol IV: Confidential Number No. 027 269. Contents: Operations;ūMiscellaneous.ūNote on Vol V: The text volume is not present.

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