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1 Anon. Mededelingen van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Zeeegeschiedenis No. 37.
116pp, 21 illus, original pictorial paper wrappers. 
Price: 5.00 GBP
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2 Barnards (Publishers) Ltd. Uniforms Badges and Intelligence Data etc of the German Forces.
ND 1945, 
64pp (unpaginated), 4pp colour, illustrated throughout with line illus,ūlandscape format, pictorial stiff paper wrappers. AJS: Compiled for the use of service personnel and includes coverage ofūall three services. 
Price: 25.00 GBP
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3 Bent (M.) Steamers of the Fjords Bergen Shipping Since 1839.
224pp. 42 illus, 2pp illus ships funnels, 255 line illus, 30 text illus, endpaper illus, large format, dw. AJS: Describes a remarkable transportation system probably without parallel in the world in terms of extent and complexity. 
Price: 16.00 GBP
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4 Bosscher (Ph.M.) Een Nuchter Volk ed de Zee. Beeldverhaal van de Nederlandse Zeefgeschiedenis.
1979, Amsterdam. 
152pp, 51 colour illus, 155 illus, large format (29.5cm x 20cm), pictorialūstiff paper wrappers. SBS: Well illustrated book on the Dutch Navy using objects from theūScheepvaartmuseum. (Dutch text). 
Price: 10.00 GBP
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5 Boudriot (J.) & Roberts (D.H.) Translator. The Seventy-Four Gun Ship. A Practical Treatise on the Art of Naval Architecture - Complete Set Volumes 1-4 Inclusive.
1986-88, Rotherfield, 
complete four volume set, large format (32cm x 25cm), original embossed blueūcloth, dws, a good set (note this is a heavy set).ū(1) Hull Construction. 1986, 166pp, 16 plates (1 in colour, 12 folding), 106ūfigs, 4 tables, endpaper illus.ū(2) Fitting Out the Hull. 1986, 212pp, 26 plates (6 in colour, 14 folding),ū108 figs, endpaper illus.ū(3) Masts - Sails - Rigging. 1987, 280pp, 13 plates (3 in colour, 7ūfolding), 136 figs, 26 tables, endpaer illus.ū(4) Manning - Shiphandling. 1988, 394pp, 17 pates (15 in colour, 2 folding),ū176 figs, 33 tables, endpaper illus. AJS: A standard work published in France 1973-1977 by Jean Boudriot, andūtranslated into English by David Roberts. Superb drawings and fold-outūplans, along with a detailed text, follows the design and construction ofūa seventy four gun ship.ūRodger: A classic work of antiquarian scholarship (and the English versionūis a masterpiece of technical translation). 
Price: 425.00 GBP
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6 Butler (L.) The Siege of Rhodes 1480.
ND 1980, 
24pp, 8 illus, original blue paper, dedication and ink corrections byūthe author in text. SBS: An account of the Seige of Rhodes by the Turks, to commemorate theūQuincentenary exhibition at St. John's Gate. 
Price: 5.00 GBP
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7 Cowling (B.) 1413 Days: in the Wake of a Canadian DEMS Gunner.
1955, Calgary, 
124pp, 4 coloured illus, 22 illus, 65 maps, pictorial laminated covers. SBS: Walter Stewart Cowling sailed in sixty plus convoys, seven of whichūwere attacked by enemy submarines. He took part in the Allied landings onūSicily and Italy aboard the Empire Charmian. 
Price: 15.00 GBP
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8 Gomm (B.) Die Russischen Kriegsschiffe 1856-1917.
1992-98, Wiesbaden, privately published, 
complete set as published, 8 vols, original blue paper wrappers (heavy set).ū(1) Schraubenlinienschiffe, Panzerschiffe, Linienschiffe,ūSchlactschiffe, Schlactkreuzer, Flugzeugtrager Anhang: Segellinienschiffeū1696-1856. 1992, 114pp, line illus in text.ū(2) Fregatten, Panzerkreuzer, Korvetten, geschutzte Kreuzer Anhang:ūSegelfregatten 1694-1856. 1991, 109pp, line illus in text.ū(3) Kanonenboote, Flugkanonenboote, Torpedoboote. 1989, 114pp, line illus inūtext.ū(4) Torpedokreuzer, Zerstorer, Unterseeboote. 2000, 156pp, line illus inūtext.ū(5) Minenleger, Netzleger, Minensucher Anhang: Die Kennzeichnung derūMinensucher der Ostseeflotte 1917. 1995, 143pp, line illus in text.ū(6) Hilfskreuzer, Avisos, Jachten Anhang: Die Freiwillige Flotte. 1996,ū139pp, line illus in text.ū(7) Ballonschiffe, Flugzeugmutterschiffe, Schulschiffe, Lazarettschiffe,ūDepot-und Mutterschiffe, Werkstattschiffe, Eisbrecher. 1997, 135pp, lineūillus in text.ū(8) Transporter. 1998, 167pp, line illus in text. AJS: A survey of the Imperial Russian Navy 1856-1917 in a similar styleūand format to Colledge's Ships of the Royal Navy. German text. 
Price: 95.00 GBP
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9 Government Report (USA) Report on the Ashcroft Furnace-Doors and Grate-Bars.
1878, Washington, 
47pp, 4 text illus, 3 large fold-out tables, original grey paper wrappers. AJS: The growth of the steam navy led to experimentation in all areas ofūship construction and the equipment required for effective use. 
Price: 45.00 GBP
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10 Gray (E.) Hitler's Battleships.
1992 rp 1995, 
(vi), 195pp, 20 illus, dw. AJS: Admiral Scheer, Graf Spee, Bismarck, etc., 
Price: 12.00 GBP
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11 Hayes (J.D.) & Hattendorf (J.B.) The Writngs of Stephen B. Luce.
x + 262pp, 3 illus, paper wrappers. SBS: Luce founded the Naval War College in Rhode Island. He was a navalūstrategist, who while bridging the age of sailing ships and that of steamūdriven armoured battleships, 'taught the US Navy to think'. 
Price: 12.00 GBP
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12 Howard (J.L.) Our Modern Navy.
xi + 179pp, 76 illus, original black cloth, dw. SBS: The US Navy 1958-1961, by a career naval officer of 26 years. 
Price: 10.00 GBP
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13 Jurien de la Graviere (Capt E.J.) & Plunkett (Hon Capt E.) Translator. Sketches of the Last Naval War Translated from th French of Captain E. Jurien de la Graviere.
two volumes, in later (1960s) half calf. (1) xxxvii + 240pp, 4 folding plates. (2) 300pp, 5 folding plates. AJS: Capt Jurien de la Graviere wrote thirty books and numerous articles. (see Polak (J.) Biblographie Maritime Francaise, entries 4803-4833). This work was born out of a series of articles which he wrote for the journal "Revue des deux Mondes". This English translation was prepared by Captain E. Plunkett, author of The Past and Future of the British Navy. Chapters:- Decline of the French Navy, Nelson's Youth, Progress and Discipline of the English Navy, Admiral Jervis, The New School of Tactics, Teneriffe, The Nile, Nelson at Naples, The Northern Navies, The Flotilla at Boulogne, The French Navy under Napoleon, The Spanish Navy, Trafalgar. 
Price: 275.00 GBP
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14 Lenton (H.T.) American Gunboats and Minesweepers.
64pp, 102 illus, large format (26cm x 20cm), laminated pictorial stiff paperūwrappers. AJS: This book lsts all the auxiliary escort vessels of the USN duringūWW2. 
Price: 8.50 GBP
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15 Lynch (T.G.) The Flying 400. Canada's Hydrofoil Project.
1983, Halifax, 
128pp, 46 illus, landscape format, original stiff paper covers. SBS: The history of the Canadian hydrofoil programme, since Baldwin andūGraham Bell's early experiments on the Bras' d'Or lakes in Cape Bretonūduring the early 1900s. 
Price: 6.50 GBP
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16 Macbeath (G.) Champlain and the St. John 1604-1954.
80 pp, (includes 42 pp adverts), 33 b & w illus, original paper covers. SBS: The one hundreth and fiftieth anniversary of St. John's NewūBrunswick. 
Price: 10.00 GBP
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17 Malcomson (R.) Warships of the Great Lakes 1754-1834.
160pp, frontis, 4 colour illus, 116 illus, attractive format, dw. AJS: An account of the naval shipbuilding effort on both sides of the North American Great Lakes 1754-1834. 
Price: 28.00 GBP
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18 McGruther (K.R.) The Evolving Soviet Navy.
1978, Newport, 
116pp, 2 tables, 6 charts, pictorial stiff paper wrappers. SBS: The American view of the the build up of the post WW2 SovietūNavy. Two Appendices (1) Chronological Listing of Soviet Naval Ships andūWeapons (2) Introduction Sequence of Soviet Naval Hardware. 
Price: 6.50 GBP
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19 Merys (Lt M.) RP La Guerre Navale Moderne de Lissa a Tsoushima.
1905 rp 1971, 
176pp, blue cloth. AJS: A study, in French, of the development of naval strategy in the late nineteenth century, as seen from the French point of view. The work spans a period of forty years - from the action between the Austrian and Italian fleets at Lissa, 20 July 1866, and Admiral Togo's annihilation of the Russian fleet in the Straits of Tsoushima, 27 May 1905. 
Price: 25.00 GBP
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20 Nesmith (J.) No Higher Honor. The USS Yorktown at the Battle of Midway.
(vi), 280pp, 20 illus, endpaper maps, dw. AJS: Yorktown's aprt at Midway, 4th June 1942. 
Price: 10.00 GBP
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