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1 Admiralty The Royal Marines.
80pp, 22 b & w illus, 3 maps, original paper covers. SBS. The Admiralty Account of their Achievement 1939-1943. 
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2 Anderson (R.C.) Naval Wars in the Levant 1559-1853.
ix + 619pp, 10 illus, 19 plans, folding map, original pale blue cloth, a good clean copy. NMM Cat, Vol 2, Pt 1, entry 994: There are accounts of the Corfu and Matapan operations, 1714-18 and the maritime struggle between Venice and the Ottoman Empire during the period. (see other entries in this work). 
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3 Anon. Arbog 1962. Handels-Og Sofartsmuseet pa Kronborg.
1962, Kronborg, 
203pp, 55 illus, advert section, pictorial stiff paper wrappers. 
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4 Beatson (R.) 2nd Naval and Military Memoirs of Great Britain, from 1727 to 1783.
1804, 2nd ed, 
six volumes, in original half goat, a bright and attractive set.Ż(1) xv + 525pp.Ż(2) vi + 609pp.Ż(3) xv + 448pp.Ż(4) xvi + 576pp.Ż(5) xvi + 715pp.Ż(6) xx + 494pp. NMM Cat, Vol 5, Pt 1, entry 1213: Detailed; includes appendices in vols 3Ż& 6 - with numerous fleet and ship lists, station commands, relevant toŻthe period.ŻThere is also a copy of the earlier and shorter edition of this workŻ(London; Strachan; 1790) in the NMM Library.ŻRodger: A good near-contemporary operational history.ŻAJS: This second edition is revised and enlarged from that of 1790. 
Price: 1200.00 GBP
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5 Black (J.) European Warfare 1660-1815.
x + 276pp, 6 maps, dw. Publisher: Wide ranging analysis of European land and naval warfare from the time of the militray revolution of the mid 17th century to the end of the Napoleonic Wars. 
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6 Brownlee (W.) The Navy that Beat Napoleon.
48pp, 62 illus, pictorial stiff paper wrappers. AJS: In the Cambridge Introduction to the History of Mankind series. 
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7 Davenport Adams (W.H.) RP Famous Ships of the British Navy.
1868 rp 1970, 
316pp, frontis, 14 illus, dw. AJS: The enterprise and daring of British seamen, with an appendix on iron-clad ships, a table of British engagements at sea, a glossary etc., Episodes in the history of the British Navy, recounted through the exploits of and disasters to some of its famous ships. Thus the loss of the Mary Rose; the Golden Hind and Drake's circumnavigation of the world; the Royal Charles; Anson and the Centurion; the mutiny of the Bounty; the loss of the Royal George; the wreck of the Alceste; and many others. At the end of the book are diagrams shewing the rigging, sails and internal structure of the man-of-war. 
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8 Goodman (S.V.0 & Teague (D.C.) The Maritime Forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation 1973-1983. Volume 1.
1983, Plymouth, 
vii + 200pp, 157 illus, endpaper illus, pictorial stiff paper wrappers. AJS: Volume covers 700 ships in 126 classes and covers major ships andŻhelicopters of the NATO naval forces. Volume 2 covers smaller vessels andŻauxiliaries. 
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9 Harding (R.) The Evolution of the Sailing Navy 1509-1815.
xi + 181pp, stiff paper covers. AJS: The influence of the Royal Navy upon British polictical and economic history. 
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10 Harvey (A.D.) English Literature and the Great War with France.
162pp, dw. AJS: Gives extracts from the writings of participants in the Great War with France..shows the literary response to the war 1792-1815. 
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11 James (W.) A Full and Correct Account of the Chief Naval Occurrences of the Late War Between Great Britain and the United States of America; Preceded by a Cursory Examination of the American Accounts of the Naval Actions Fought Previous to that Period: To Which is Added an Appendix; with Plates.
xv + 528 + ccxvipp, with 16pp unpaginated index, 3 engraved plates, originalŻhalf calf, attractive decorated spine, some slight wear to binding. Brown & Christie, entry 1133: See also Abel Bowen (ed)., The NavalŻMonument, Boston, 1816.ŻBibliotheca Nautica, 1933, Pt 3, entry 1437: Born out of a pamphletŻoriginally published in Halifax, Canada, in 1816.ŻSmith, War of 1812, An Annotated Bibliography, entry 1052: The author, anŻEnglishman, was taken prisoner to the United States. He escaped to NovaŻScotia and began to write letters to newspapers on the naval aspects ofŻthe War of 1812. Letters became pamphlets which were expanded into volumeŻsize. Naval encounters are described and include details of the action,Żdamage, ships' complements, armament and dimensions. Attempts to exposeŻAmerican bombast and to vindicate the British Navy.ŻAJS: This work does not appear often and should contain three engravedŻplates (as in this copy). These are found opposite pages 1, 128, 352. 
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12 Kennedy (P.A.) Editor. Oakum Being Strands Drawn from the Maritime History of Devon.
51pp, 30 charts, tables and diags in text, large format, original laminatedŻpaper wrappers. SBS: Facsimile documents from the public and private records depositedŻin the Devon Record Office 1620-1863. 
Price: 7.50 GBP
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13 MOD (Royal Navy) 50 Years of Naval Flying 1914-1964.
20pp, 29 illus, 7 line illus, pictorial wrappers. 
Price: 10.00 GBP
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14 Nelson Seaforth (A.) The Last Great Naval War. An Historical Retrospect.
(vi), 120pp, 4pp adverts, frontis, pull out map (1 map missing), originalŻpictorial covers slightly marked, pages a little loose. 
Price: 15.00 GBP
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15 Parkinson (C.N.) War in the Eastern Seas 1793-1813.
477pp, frontis, 11 illus, 17 maps and diags, endpaper maps, original redŻcloth, dw, an attractive copy. NMM Cat, Vol 5, Pt 1, entry 2125.ŻAJS: A standard work. An account of the Napoleonic Wars in a singleŻtheatre - the East Indies Station, stretching from the Cape of Good HopeŻto China. He has used primarily the correspondence of the successiveŻCommanders-in-Chief, showing how continued and important were theŻoperations on a Station which subsequent historians have mostly ignored. 
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16 Smith (J.W.) & Holden (T.S.) Where are Ships Born.
1946 rev edn 1953, 
(xii) + 191pp, colour frontis, 91 photographs, original blue cloth. SBS: A History of shipbuilding on the river Wear, Sunderland 1346-1946. 
Price: 16.00 GBP
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17 Tracy (N.) Editor. PB The Naval Chronicle The Contemporary Record of the Royal Navy at War.
1793-1815, abridged reprint 1998-99, 
complete as issued, five volumes, pictorial stiff paper wrappers (heavyŻset).Ż(1) 1793-1798, From the Occupation of Toulon to the Battle of the Nile. xiiiŻ+ 365pp, 56 illus.Ż(2) 1798-1805. From Copenhagen to the Eve of Trafalgar. vii + 375pp, 48Żillus.Ż(3) 1805-1806. The Campaign of Trafalgar and its Aftermath. viii + 376pp, 41Żillus.Ż(4) 1807-1809. The War of Attrition. vii + 407pp, 42 illus.Ż(5) 1810-1815. The Defeat of Napoleon and the American War of 1812 andŻComplete Index. vii + 374pp, 33 illus. AJS: The original journal was published 1798-1815 in forty volumes and isŻan essential work of reference on the period, this is a consolidatedŻedition compiled by Nicholas Tracy. We have had complete sets (and oddŻvolumes) on a number of occasions, both in half-yearly bindings and inŻoriginal blue wrappers.ŻKemp (Lt Cdr P.) Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea, page 576: AŻjournal which was published by Joyce Gold and was at one time edited byŻJames Clarke and John M'Arthur, who collaborated in writing the officialŻlife of Lord Nelson, was issued in six-monthly volumes between the yearsŻ1798 and 1818. The series is valuable historically in that it spans theŻgreater part of the two long wars with France (1793-1801 and 1803-15). ItŻwas illustrated with prints, including some portraits which are often goodŻand sometimes excellent, and a large proportion of its matter wasŻdirectly contributed by serving naval officers. For instance, after theŻbattle of the Nile, Nelson himself sent the editors, at their request, aŻcharacteristic 'Sketch of his Life', as did Lord Collingwood after theŻbattle of Trafalgar. Collingwood's sketch, like many others, firstŻappeared in an 'edited' version, and not to his great advantage, butŻafter his death his origional contribution was printed, and it is found toŻbe as direct and remarkable as his letters.ŻWhile even good contemporary material often needs to be regarded withŻcircumspection. The Naval Chronicle is generally accurate and remains aŻmine of detailed information not to be found elsewhere. 
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18 Uden (G.) British Ships and Seaman. Book One: The Ships.
booklet, 88pp, 28 illus, pictorial paper covers. SBS: A brief outline of the design of British ships from the Vikings to the Canberra. 
Price: 5.00 GBP
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